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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ways use Social Media for Business

In the last decade social media has changed the face of marketing. Across every industry, for small and big brands, public network has created a platform to advertise and sell products and services. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have created new opportunities for even small businesses to grow.

So if your business does not include socialnetworking as a major marketing tool, it’s never too late to start. Here are some ways you can use socialnetworking to enhance your business and engage with your customers.

Keeping in touch

Customer satisfaction is a key priority for businesses. To maintain your competitive edge, it is important that you engage your customers effectively. Socialnetworking has become a part of everyone’s personal lives and by making your presence felt on this platform, you are in fact reaching out to them more personally.

Your customers may be giving feedback about your service or discussing your product on social networks. They act as influencers and have an impact on your brand. You can communicate with your customers and also keep yourself open to their queries. socialnetworking allows you to be in constant touch with the inquiries of the customers and you can respond to them at the earliest.

Use different platforms

There are many socialnetworking platforms that can be used to market your business. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and the other socialnetworking like blogs increase the visibility of your business. Which platform you should use depends on the kind of business you run.

What is important is to know which platform is used the most by your customers. Sometimes you may have to be active on a site you may not be comfortable with. The trick is to be active on as many social networking sites as you can. While you give daily updates about your business on Facebook, and address customer queries on Twitter, you may also want to maintain a blog where you can extensively talk about your business.

Don’t just sell

The best way to sell on socialnetworking is through the art of ‘not selling’. Your presence on social media should not be about increasing your sales alone. Remember that the main reason you are on the site is to build good customer relations. socialnetworking is an effective platform to start conversations with customers, respond to their questions and share the latest company news.

Promos are a great idea

You can also use socialnetworking for sales promotions. Exclusive offers and sweepstakes can be announced on these sites. You can also share brochures and guides with your customers. Coupons can be put up on these sites and you can ask your customers to download the coupons to get the benefits. This not only keeps your customers happy, but it also helps to increase your sales.

The Importance of Retaining Customers

Retaining customers creates business value, as well as their satisfaction and loyalty. Finding and attracting new customers, however, is both expensive and time consuming. A constant turnover of offsets the revenue of new ones and hinders a business from growing. Loyal consumers have a tendency to buy more, buy more frequently, and are the best word-of-mouth advertising for a small business – service, retail, or manufacturing. Loyal consumers drive growth, while losing buyers reduces revenue and increases expenses.

The flip side of retaining buyers is determining why established ones left, and then taking corrective action so the situation is not repeated. Did clients leave due to bad service, inferior products, or no connection to the business? A survey of lost clients is important feedback in determining what changes a business can make to retain customers.

Some general approaches small businesses use to develop cunsumer loyalty and retention are:

Money back guarantees – If a company is confidant of its products and services, then offering a money back guarantee is not a risky proposition but can enhance sales by giving clients the confidence that a company stands behind what it sells. Returning someone’s money and retaining a buyer is far less costly than keeping someone’s money and losing a purchaser… not to mention the bad word-of-mouth that can result from a disgruntled consumer.

Training – All employees should be trained on how to build value into clients relationships. The best ones are those who feel a connection with a business, its owners, and employees. Relationship selling increases revenues and produces long-term clients.

Establish excellence – Any company can be mediocre, but a company that prides itself on producing excellent products and services stands out from the crowd. Businesses should determine how to judge the excellence of what they deliver to users.

Customer service – When a company understands the importance of client service and stresses this first and foremost, then sales become a natural by-product. Stressing sales first and hoping client service falls into place typically will never happen. Creating a customer service culture produces countless benefits.

Transformation – Mistakes will always happen when consumers are involved. Businesses should view mistakes as learning opportunities to transform dissatisfied buyers into satisfied ones.

Loyalty programs – Loyal clients love to feel appreciated. Overall, loyalty programs cost very little, but produce great benefits. Successful businesses know what buyers want and create loyalty programs designed to further promote their business-customer relationship.

Content Strategies for Small Business

Content marketing is a challenge for big and small firms alike. You always have to be well abreast with marketing trends. You do not usually know what might click with your audience and be your success mantra. In fact it is difficult to stick to a constant strategy or policy for success in a dynamic environment such as content industry, which is prone to constant advancements and changes on a daily basis.


Content strategizing helps you cope with the constantly changing industry. Small businesses that do not have professional writers or strategic analysts could use a tip or two from here. Writing strategy is a collective mindset of all the tactics you wish to play to keep ahead in the race. If you are aware of the fact that you are going to guide the evolution of the content you create, then you certainly are practicing content marketing strategy. Writing Strategy is also defined as the planning for creation, governance and delivery of useful and usable content.

Writing Strategy evaluates needs of the clients and of the business and provides instructions about how to create improved and more effective content. It is a constant learning and improvisation process.


Creating quality writing requires a great deal of research and market study. The content must be informative and relevant to customers. Writing strategies help you support your website in rough times. Strategies are based on market research and can be scaled to suit any budget types. You could manage without a large content strategy. You must know who your target audience is; determine your aim and long term goal.

The Process of Strategizing

Writing strategizing begins with knowing the bigger picture and also the grass root level details. It deals with all aspects of the business, right from the administration to workflow governance. The process is spiral in structure. Tactics, strategies, content are frequently shared among different products and projects.

For instance, your company has different departments that are individually linked to social networking websites, but in the eyes of the public every post made by any department of your company represents your company as a whole. A fine writing strategy is all pervasive and takes into consideration the needs of all the departments of the business. The final product must promote effective and consistent business processes. A good content strategy must keep in mind the firm’s long term goals, its strengths and weaknesses, with regard to availability of resources.

Starting a Staffing Business

Tips to Get You Started :

Scout for a Location

You will have to find a location for your business. It is advisable that you lease out a space in a commercial area instead of buying it right away. Once you know about the kind of foot traffic the location commands, you can go ahead and buy the space. Also, in the initial days, buying will mean added expenditure and will increase your loan amount. Hence, prefer to rent the place out. One more option is to start an office at home. However, you will have to check the zoning restrictions in your area. Also, when you are actually meeting candidates, you will have to call them in a hotel or conference room, which will again be added expenditure. Hence, it is best to lease out a space that will have a reception area, dedicated meeting room, and waiting room.

Decide the Type of Business
There are many types of staffing businesses. You will have to decide which type of services you will offer. You must decide whether you will go for temporary staffing, long-term staffing, or temporary to permanent staffing. While temporary staffing offers candidates who are employed for a short term, long-term staffing involves recruits who are employed for an uncertain duration. Temporary to permanent staffing allows the worker to become permanent in a while based on his performance. At times, employees are also hired on an assignment or contractual basis. You will have to conduct market analysis to find which type of staffing will bring in maximum revenues. Many staffing businesses also prefer to offer all types of employment.

Complete Formalities
Apart from registering your business with the State secretary, it is highly recommended that you incorporate it. This will protect your personal assets in case of a problem. Consult the local, state, and federal authorities to know about the required permits and licenses. You will also need to get an EIN number from the IRS if you are going to hire employees. Also, know about the insurance requirement of the business. You will have to get a workers’ compensation insurance along with a liability insurance.

Undertake Marketing Initiatives
In order to survive competition, you must undertake investment in advertisement and marketing. Utilize the traditional forms of advertising like posters, print ads, radio commercials, etc. Also, use your existing contacts to tap into the recruitment departments of companies. Usually, they prefer to work with well-known entities, and meeting them in person will any day work in your favor rather than cold calls. Also, invest in social network advertising and banners to reach out to people who are on the lookout for candidates or jobs.

Conduct Networking
You will have to network with a lot of people if you want to conduct this business. This includes not only the recruitment departments of companies, but also with placement cells in colleges. You will have to convince them that your company is in a better position to find them the candidate that they are looking for. While dealing with executives or candidates, always have a professional disposition. Also, carry your business cards and marketing collateral’s so that they will know about your experience and expertise in your field. Don’t turn up in casual clothes for any meeting; if you don’t take your business seriously, no one else will.

Charges and Fees
You will have to create contracts with the organizations as well as candidates. For this, it is recommended that you take help of a legal expert, who can help you out with the legal formalities. Most times, you will be paid only by the organization in case of permanent staffing. However, if it is temporary, you may reach an agreement. For example, after gaining $20 from the company, you will pay only $16 to the employee. Also, many times, both the employee and the organization bear the joint expense of your fees.

Create an Expertise
In a matter of few years, you should become the go-to agency for a certain type of staffing. You should find a strong area in which you can offer your expertise. Choose anything from IT, manufacturing, management, finance, consulting, construction, etc., and offer candidates for the same. For example, if you are located in an area which is primarily an IT hub, you can become an expert in providing candidates for the IT field. It is important that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and do not end up offering wrong candidates for positions in an industry where you lack experience.

Seek Candidates
You will have to get the right candidates for the positions. Apart from advertising, you should also set up booths at career fairs and job fairs to know the candidates directly. You must maintain a database of the contacts, qualifications, and experience of all these candidates. If you are targeting students, then you can put up posters near the college or in caf├ęs where youngsters usually hang out. If you are looking at head-hunting senior officials, you will have to reach them out through professional networks and get to know them through references. It is advisable that you conduct a background check before hiring people for critical jobs like babysitting, store manager, security personnel, etc.

Know the Tricks of the Trade
It is important that you interview the candidates and only send capable and experienced ones for the interview. At times, you will receive a frantic call from the company where you have sent a recruit that the person never turned up for his job. This happens all the time as people may change their minds or just find a better opportunity. You should always have shortlisted candidates whom you can send for an interview in their place. Remember, people may not keep their commitment, but as a businessman, you will be held responsible for their actions. Also, verify through references that the qualifications and experience mentioned by a candidate are true. The last thing you would want is to spoil your reputation that you do not send trustworthy candidates.